Toby Arnold aura fait mal au BOPB avec deux essais et une passe décisive

14th place: Biarritz dominated by Lyon (34-15)

In the end it was a defeat for Biarritz. He defeated BOPB in Lyon on Saturday 26 February (34-15) on behalf of the 19th day of the Top 14. But a week after the slap in Paris, and with this revised team, there Although everything pleases to start on a good basis. Furthermore, we won’t take credit for Red and White because they wanted to try, with two attempts at the end.

If the Biarrots could count on Leon’s many first-period follies to maintain confidence, they didn’t. Nothing can be done in the second half. Two consecutive attempts of the Rhodanese at the beginning of the second act allow LOU to get the offensive bonus. Johann Artru’s test (29-15, 55) won’t change anything, Leon was stronger. Lyon are second in the standings while awaiting Montpellier’s match against Stade de France on Sunday (5:30pm). For their part, Red and White remained at the bottom of the tournament, five points behind Usab, who were defeated at Claremont. Before the decisive shock next Saturday, the reception of Toulon in Aguilera.

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