13 Facts That Seem Wrong But Are So Real (Part 2)

13 Facts That Seem Wrong But Are So Real (Part 2)

A few years ago, we introduced you to 14 Proven Facts When It Looks Totally False. Well, a guy from Wales by the name of MjcMatthew offers several video formats on TikTok, including ones about facts that seem false, but are nonetheless very true.

1) Picasso was alive at the same time as Darwin and Eminem

In fact, while it may sound silly, the point is that Pablo Picasso was alive and well at the same time that these two famous people were, but not at the same time. because Charles Darwin was born in 1809 and died in 1882. Meanwhile, Picasso lived from 1881 until 1973, one year after the birth of Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known as Eminem born in 1972. He certainly did not know them personally during his life.

2) Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire

Although the exact date of the date cannot be determined, traces of teaching have been found in the area. It dates back to around 1096. While the Aztec Empire is believed to have begun in the early 13th century, After nearly 200 years.

3) The ruins of Stonehenge were a tourist attraction for the Romans

It is admitted that the site was very crowded at that time, because many Roman objects were found there, Including coins. But recent excavations have also raised the possibility that it was an important ritual place for the preto-Romans of the time.

4) Each combination of cards gives a unique combination

If you shuffle a deck of cards, it’s statistically likely that you shuffled it An arrangement that never existed before, but above all will never exist again. In fact, you are the first person in history to confuse them in this exact order.

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5) Your muscles can become bones

While this may sound like luck to X-Men fans, the point is that this genetic condition is nothing but luck for their carrier. Progressive fibrous dysplasia (or FOP), also called stone man disease, is a severely debilitating genetic disease of connective tissue. It is particularly characterized by Heterogeneous progressive ossificationBone formation in extra-skeletal tissues. A boom worthy of a comic book, but unfortunately more damaging in real life.

6) The Statue of Liberty wasn’t green at first

Being made of copper, it was so Initially the color of the coin (The color is brown for that). But due to oxidation, began to turn green, finally becoming the grayish-green color we know today.

7) A neutron star the size of a teaspoon will have the same mass as 900 pyramids of the Giza pyramids

A neutron star has a star in name only, because it actually means Remnants of the gravitational collapse of a portion of the matter of a massive star at the end of its life It explodes in an SN-type supernova. Then it reaches a mass exceeding 8 to 10 solar masses. This star, which can therefore contain the entire mass of the Sun, is limited to A ball that does not exceed a few tens of kilometers. Due to its unusual density, a teaspoon of the substance is said to weigh hundreds of millions of tons.

8) The UK has more hurricanes per region than any other country in the world

According to the Guinness Book of Records, although other countries may have more severe hurricanes or more hurricanes in general in a year/season, the country that receives the most hurricanes by total area is England. Between 1980 and 2012England has 2.2 cyclones per year per 10,000 square kilometres, which equates to one per year per 4,545 square kilometres. For comparison, the entire United States has 1.3 tornadoes per year in the same area, or one for every 7,693 square kilometers.

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9) The invention of the can opener came about 50 years after the first cans were manufactured

while the Tin cans were invented between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century In the nineteenth century, the appearance of the first opener system did not appear until the middle of the nineteenth century, almost fifty years later. The reason is very simple, is thatBefore that, cans were made of wrought iron and covered with tinThis made it so dense that it could not be opened in this way.

10) What is the height of the colored pencils maker? Being color blind!

Although this sounds like a Carambar joke, it is a story Emerson Moser, who after more than 35 years worked for the famous manufacturer of Crayola colored pencils And After pouring 1.4 billion pencils According to the estimates he admitted at the time of his retirementHe was color blind. Crayola has reportedly asked him to donate his wax-covered work boots to his Hall of Fame.

11) A glass of water contains more atoms than water on the entire planet

The netizen was having fun trying his account. According to scientific estimates, he started from the assumption thatThere are about 10^26 atoms in a liter of water. According to the US Geological Survey website, There will be 1386 x 10^21 liters of water on the whole planet. Thus, there will be 72,150 times more atoms in a liter of water than there are liters of water in the entire planet.

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12) The ‘Like’ button on Facebook shouldn’t be named like that

The famous “like”, represented by a small thumb up, appears to have had many prototypes before it became what it is now. At first, it was about putting a star or a small “+” sign instead.During development, the option was labeled “Awesome” and not “Like”.

13) There are more possible combinations in chess than there are atoms in the visible universe

Estimated that there Between 10^111 and 10^123 chess playing combinations are possible (See: Shannon No.), while it is estimated that there are Between 10^78 and 10^82 atoms can be observed in the universe a favour. However, it is important to remember that these numbers remain scientific approximations.

If you have too anecdotes Of this kind feel free to share it in the comments!

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