11 years later, Sony will bring back these essential video games that brought joy to gamers

11 years later, Sony will bring back these essential video games that brought joy to gamers

Game news 11 years later, Sony will bring back these essential video games that brought joy to gamers

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More than ten years after its release, Sony wants to re-release this iconic collection from the PS3 and PlayStation Network era. This is indicated by the registration of a new trademark that may please nostalgic fans.

Indie games Ten years ago, the situation was very different

There are ten years, Microgames and other indie titles were not as popular as they are today. They didn't even have all the platforms that exist today to share their games and make them known to the general public. So, to enable these games to advance, major publishers and manufacturers sometimes invest in supporting projects that are worthwhile. And justly, This was Sony's policy at the time, between the PS3 and PS4 era, where smaller games, even indie ones, were supported by the Japanese juggernaut.. This even led to something tangible, the physical assembly.

The return of the famous PS3 collection?

In 2013, Sony released The Best of PSN Part 1, a collection of four games released on the PlayStation Store together on a single Blu-Ray disc.. A way to introduce your games to audiences who don't use online download platforms and prefer to buy these games physically. In this group, We find out when the Vikings attack! The Fat Princess, Sonic Shapes, and Tokyo Forest. If all these games have different genres, they have one thing in common: they were all published by SCE, that is, Sony Computer Entertainment. For this reason, Sony may bring these devices back soon.

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newly, the site Player He noted that Sony has trademarked The Best of PSN, which could indicate that the compilation could make a return. However, the manufacturer is not obligated to offer a physical copy again, it can simply ensure that these games that were initially released on PS3 are compatible with existing media. althoug, We don't know if this is a reissue of an existing collection, a second volume that was never released or if Sony intends to produce a new, unreleased collection. Anyway, before getting carried away, it's best to wait for the official confirmation from Sony. Confirmed, there's a reason you'll be happy to see the Japanese manufacturer pay tribute to the time it introduced more diverse licenses rather than the now ubiquitous Western IPs.

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