Créez votre équipe avec le nouveau Mode Elite dans Valorant

Riot Games Unveils Alpha Version of Valorant’s Elite Mode – News

Earlier this year, Riot Games The future of esports on Valorant. In addition to the new VCT 2023 format, we learned thatCompetitive game mode, the internals for FPS, was in preparation. If we had little information about it, this would no longer be the case. Next week, some players will get the alpha test franchise of this mode called ” Elite Mode“.

Valorant is gradually establishing itself as one of the main games in the world of esports. In order to make the competitive landscape more accessible to more players, and highlight the future professionals of the future, Riot Games relies on New Elite Mode.

in his contacts, the studio determines the last playback. This is an additional mode in which you can Build your own team of five players. It also looks like you’ll be able to choose and Customize your logowith your team name.

What will be your goal? Take part in tournaments Established directly in the game, duringseason. You will face other teams of the same level, inside the split. The visuals reveal the presence of Section 11, for example. It is assumed that the placement of teams in the different divisions will depend on the average MMR of the players who compose them.

John Walkerthe designer on the competition team, also makes it clear that each competitive season will extend several weekswill include Several matches and weekly tournaments. If your team is strong and successful, it may earn enough elite points in order to participate in it League Final Championship at the end of the season. This will give Section Champion title for the best players.

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Among other available information, it appears Elite Mode matches will work with it Card pick and block system.

If the long-term goal is to allow all Valorant players to experience the adventure in Elite Mode, then the first large-scale test will be in a small committee. These are the Brazilian players who will have the opportunity to test the various functions of the mode with the alpha version, such as creating a team, the game in the tournament or the elite scoring system.

In addition, Riot Games states that the version tested will already be an alpha version, and that this mode is Elite Only 60% of the expected features. We obviously can’t wait to see how he will organize himself when he comes out, and how much of an impact he will have on Valorant esports more broadly.

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