PlayStation Plus, games announced in May

PlayStation Plus, games announced in May

Sony revealed today May Playstation Plus games-Subscribe to multiplayer service and use free titles every month.

Today’s news comes after the arrival New PlayStation Store salesThanks to that, more than 700 price cuts can be reached, including those on Automata yoke e Person 5 is Royal.

At the same time, always in the Japanese home online store, players can Take advantage of the week’s offer Available on a highly rated standalone product.

about this subject PlayStation PlusTraded in the past hours of Rumors about the free game lineup Scheduled next month.

So it’s interesting to understand Whether these rumors are confirmed or notAt the usual time, on the last Wednesday of the month, at 17:30.

This is the assortment of free games included with PlayStation Plus in May:

  • Battlefield V
  • Marooned deep
  • Wreckfest Drive Hard, Die Last

Battlefield V It is the latest episode in the popular first-person shooter series by DICE and Electronic Arts, set in World War II.

Marooned deep It is rather a survival of a standalone landscape with a tropical twist, appreciated (such as Battlefield V) Is the PS4.

Finally, the only lottery game for the PlayStation 5, the next-generation version of the spiritual heir of the Destruction Derby, Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last.

While it is also available on PS4, debris It’s recoverable and fun Only on the next generation console, As mentioned in PlayStation Blog.

Therefore, Sony’s selection of suppliers has been confirmed Two games for the Playstation 4 and one for the Playstation 5 With each new round of PS Plus titles.

Better or worse than April headlines? We’ll see how fans will react to today’s announcement from Sony.

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What is certain is that it has subscribers He reacts very well to a selection Days passed As one of the included games at no extra cost.

There was someone who, in the month nearing its end, managed to obtain an additional free title, Albeit under certain conditions.

Products shown in April will remain available until May 3, while new products will still be available Refunds until May 31.

However, our call is to recover the titles that Sony provides Even if you don’t have a PS5, As it will stay with you as long as you subscribe to PS Plus (or once you return).

If you want to subscribe to PlayStation Plus and redeem the April games for free, you can get it now On sale for a 20% annual subscription.

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