New space for seniors on Avenue Trefousse in Chaumont (52)

New space for seniors on Avenue Trefousse in Chaumont (52)

After several months of work, the buildings at 47 Trevose Street, belonging to Shumon Habitat, have managed to reopen their doors. For several years a flower shop was established there, and today it is a meeting place for Chaumont elders.

A page has been turned at 47 Trevose Street. For eighteen years, the people of Chaumont have known the “Art Floral” flower shop there. The store closed on August 29, 2020. No one has taken over the store following the retirement of florist Patricia Chabet and the firing of her employee, Delphine Poinsot. So the walls returned to the hands of the owner, Shumon Habitat.

After trying to rent it back to do another job, Chaumont Habitat decided to carry out several works In order to transform the place into a reception area for the elderly in the city. “Social landlord tenants are generally over 60 years old. They are sometimes lonely and isolated. Some of them have been renters for 30-40 years,” explains Mayor Christine Guillemi.

A budget of 66,480 euros for this building is for the elderly

The work took time due to a lack of materials. But a kitchen area has been created and the small patio at the back of the building will also be equipped for sunny days with greenery. Chaumont Habitat tenants will participate. “Above all, it is an intergenerational place. We are in discussions with the city’s Ehpad about a new project that will be unveiled soon,” the mayor continued.

In all, the work cost €66,480 and 50% of the amount was covered by the pension insurance fund, Carsat. The rest was for the social landlord. “It’s a nice room, in the heart of the city, and easily accessible. I hope this place lives and lives well,” Christine Guillemi adds.

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Many local associations will come in turn to make animations in this room. The workshops will be accessible to everyone, not just Chaumont Habitat tenants. Chaumont’s first elected official concluded, “It’s important, because no one should feel left out.”

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