Mauryan will surprise you.  Mr. Blanchot Roastery in Montgilbert

Mauryan will surprise you. Mr. Blanchot Roastery in Montgilbert

Gareth and Cecil Hudennot discovered Montgilbert by chance while on vacation in Mauryan. Their crush prompted them to become homeowners where the professional trumpeter, who has played in several orchestras, writes a new degree of life: high-quality coffee roasts.

Originally from Dunedin, on the South Island of New Zealand, a certified Montgilbertine created the craft company “Mr. Blanchott,” which borrowed his name from the mountain hare. Although he masters Molière’s language day in and day out, Gareth Hudnott brings to the Alpine Roaster his knowledge of the many independent roasters who supply premium coffee to New Zealand baristas.

“In our country, coffee is very popular, often paired with milk and lighter than coffee in France,” he explains. These are the new flavors the craftsman wants to share. After ten years in London, parents and their granddaughter in Porte-de-Maurienne find the environment to express this passion.

Traceability is guaranteed,” says the 40-year-old who remembers building his time on the rugby courts. “Mr Blanchot’s coffee is sold from Guatemala, Brazil or Colombia, on the brand’s website and from gourmet grocery stores in Tarentes and Morian.

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