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Schwamm bows out after 65 years

  • Thu, 09 Aug 2018
  • Garrick Knight
Ivan Schwamm. Photo: The Digital Birdcage

Ivan Schwamm. Photo: The Digital Birdcage

The curtain has come down on the career of New Zealand’s oldest licensed driver.

Ivan Schwamm, who will turn 86 in a few months, has opted not to renew his driver’s license this season after 65 years on our racetracks. And it’s not health-related.

“I haven’t got any decent horses left to drive,” the Springston horseman told The Informant.

“I’m still fresh as a daisy and could get my license straight away if I wanted.

“They can’t question me over anything; my eyesight is good, so is my hearing and I’m as active as anything.

“I pass the yearly tests with no trouble.”

A recent injury to maiden trotter Moy made the decision a lot easier for Schwamm.

“She slipped over in the horse float and while she’s alright now it’s just one of those unfortunate things.

“Also, she doesn’t have any real class.”

He will continue to train her, and a Majestic Son colt, but will leave the raceday driving to someone else.

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