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Knight thrilled with response to claimer search

  • Wed, 11 Apr 2018
  • Matt Markham

They’ve put the word out and received a great response, but Forbury Park are open to even more.

Initially some concerns were held around the potential future of the annual Forbury Park Claimers series, which runs through the winter months each year and organisers wondered if enough horses were around that were willing enough to compete.

So, the word was put out in public and Geoff Knight has been overwhelmed with expressions of interest after just a couple of days.

“I think as of Tuesday we had eight trainers, equating to about 13 horses,” he said.

“So, it’s looking good for it to go ahead at this stage, but we would always welcome more for sure.”

The claimers series has become an important part of the harness racing scene in Otago each year with a high turnover of horses and an opportunity for those who have potentially met their mark in their current grade.

The rating system does allow itself to suit horses of such a nature, particularly if they are racing horses of a similar ilk over an extended period of time.

“We’ve seen some really great success stories over the years that we’ve been holding the series and some new owners and trainers coming into the mix each year as well.

“It would be great to see this year be the best one we have had yet though.”

Knight asked for any trainer who was keen to enter horses in the series to get in touch with him to express their interest and allow the Forbury Park Trotting Club to confirm that the series will be run.

The series is held through May, June and July at Forbrury Park Trotting Club meetings.