Track methane in Paris to find out how to reduce its emissions

Researchers roamed the capital’s streets to learn about the sources of this greenhouse gas.

Discover methane gas on every street corner in the capital to better determine its source. Study published this week in review Environmental science and technology He sought to measure methane concentrations in Paris in order to better understand how to reduce its emissions. Researchers from the Climate and Environmental Sciences Laboratory (LSCE-IPSL) in Saclay made mobile measurements in each region between September 2018 and March 2019.

Even then with the focus on carbon dioxide, policies to combat global warming began to consider methane more. Because if it stays in the atmosphere for less time (about ten years compared to at least a century for carbon dioxide), over a hundred years, its warming potential is considered to be 28 times greater. Their sources, human or natural, are multiple, and their identification is often more complex. As the study reminds us,urban and peri-urban areas

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