This player completely recreates Final Fantasy VII in this PlayStation video game that was released 13 years ago!  And it was done really well

This player completely recreates Final Fantasy VII in this PlayStation video game that was released 13 years ago! And it was done really well

Game News This player recreates Final Fantasy VII in its entirety in this PlayStation video game that was released 13 years ago! And it's done really well.

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While the first two parts of the ambitious Final Fantasy VII remake have been released in recent years, some did not wait for the trilogy to reach its conclusion before proposing a full remake of the 1997 title, and the result is as surprising as it is unexpected, especially considering The engine that was used to create it!

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Final Fantasy VII Phenomenon

Just over 27 years ago, the original version of Final Fantasy VII It was released worldwide, and eventually became one of the most popular games in the series it developed Square Enix Today too. Since then, the world of this action has been reproduced by many games, both on and off consoles Cerberus Director And The essence of the crisis Or on mobile devices with ever crisisbut also in the form of films, such as Unbelievable Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Which still holds up well today.

But what gamers were really asking for was a more modern 3D reproduction. A wish that was fulfilled in 2020 with Final Fantasy VII Remakethen Final Fantasy VII Rebirth In early 2024. But know that in addition to these titles and high-definition versions provided by community members, there is a new version that is very faithful to the original game, and we have to address the very determined fans.

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Final Fantasy VII as you've never seen it before

This new version was created by Jamie Colliverwhich used the level creation features offered by Little Big Planet 2Part Two of the License Media moleculeTo create a platform version of the Square Enix game. Coliver He made a name for himself 12 years ago when he began documenting his work on his YouTube channel, known at the time as TheJamster1992and has been famous since then. LittleBigWorldOn his channel, Coliver suggest Playlist containing 140 videos Track different levels of Final Fantasy VII completely.

In the clip above you can enjoy some of his work Jamie Colliverwho used Final Fantasy VII Costume Pack To bring her characters to life amidst reimagined settings, including the introductory cinematic, iconic boss battles, and the end credits. A giant work full of nostalgia and truly worth watching!

However, although the game is now complete after over 12 years of hard work, it is unfortunately no longer possible to play it yourself. In fact, game servers license Little big planet On consoles before Playstation 4 It was deactivated in 2021 after a long hiatus. So you'll have to make do with watching the playlist. LittleBigWorld To enjoy this new version of the platform Final Fantasy VIIwhich should keep you busy for a few hours this summer.

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