“The first of its kind in Vitrolles”: Snoezelen’s multi-sensory space is available for children at the Picasso School

“The first of its kind in Vitrolles”: Snoezelen’s multi-sensory space is available for children at the Picasso School

For several years, the City of Vitrolles has affirmed its commitment through strong political will regarding the inclusion of children with disabilities. The creation of a multi-sensory space, of the Snoezelen type, was made possible in the heart of the Pablo Picasso Primary School thanks to the support of the teaching team, the municipality and the presence of the Ulis class (a local unit for “educational inclusion”).

The school, which is located in a priority area, is also a leisure centre, offered during school, after-school and extra-curricular times. Developed in the 1970s by two young Dutch men, Snoezelen is a contraction snuffelen (sniff) and doezelen (snooze), which can be translated around the idea of ​​sensory exploration and relaxation. This approach was proposed in the context of disability and multiple disabilities, and is now also developing in the geriatric and psychiatric sectors.

Snoezelen is an activity that appeals to the five senses and is experienced in a specially designed space, dimly lit, soothed by soothing music, a space that aims to recreate a pleasant atmosphere. While moving, feeling, looking and listening, the atmosphere created provides assistance to people with disabilities.

Interior and staff

The results of experiments carried out in reception structures indicate a significant reduction in challenging behavior in the time following the sessions. This space is not only external and visible, but above all internal and personal, a place where sensuality becomes a medium of contact with the world at the crossroads of the physical and the psychological. The school's Snoezelen room is equipped with fiber optics, a vibrant bubble column that changes colours, comfortable pillows and soft toys that encourage relaxing moments, such as soft sound effects that evoke nature.

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Sabine Nersesyan, director, Nadine Coyer, elected for the educational project, and the mayor of Vitrolles Loïc Gachon, are happy with the result, in line with their expectations and those of the children who find it difficult to manage their fears. “When I was offered this project, I was immediately drawn to itThe mayor remembers. It is a tool that should be available wherever children are having difficulty meeting their standards. It's our first time at Vitrolles but definitely not our last.

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