Elle s'était réengagée en politique en 2019 en participant à la campagne présidentielle de Joe Biden.

The appointment of the US ambassador to France has been confirmed in the Senate

President Joe Biden appointed her in July.

The US Senate confirmed the appointment of veteran diplomat Dennis Campbell-Bauer as US ambassador to France on Saturday. President Joe Biden appointed her in July, but in the early hours of the weekend a majority emerged in the Congressional Senate to affirm the diplomatic post and champion the place for women in politics.

When announcing his appointment, the White House emphasized “Crisis management skills” and this is “Reputation as a collaborative leaderThe 57-year-old Mrs. Campbell Power headed the US Embassy in Brussels between 2013 and 2017. She was previously a member of the Democratic Party leadership, and participated in Barack Obama’s two presidential campaigns.

After returning to the United States after the victory of Republican Donald Trump, she re-engaged in politics in 2019 by participating in Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. She particularly supported women embarking on their first political campaign. Denise Campbell-Bauer, who is fluent in French, will also be the US ambassador to Monaco.

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