Prince Philip is the king of sleighs

Prince Philip is the king of sleighs

Questionable jokes, inappropriate statements, even worse … Prince Philip, who disappeared on Friday 9 April at the age of 99, will have distinguished the history of the British monarchy through verbal errors that regularly punctuate his countless official commitments. Queen Elizabeth II’s husband has been known for his politically incorrect, sometimes even racist or sexist statements. So much so, that the British press publishes a ranking every year to mark its founding anniversary. Franceinfo reviews the prince’s most controversial outing.

Bad taste jokes

After a prom by Tom Jones in 1969, Prince Philip congratulated the singer on his own way: “What to gargle? Pebbles?”

In 1994, he told a wealthy resident of the Cayman Islands: “Almost all of you are descendants of pirates, aren’t you?”.

“But how do you get locals to stop drinking while they pass their license?”He asked a teacher at a driving school in Scotland in 1995.

To the young Afghani Malala Yusufzai who survived a Taliban attack on a school bus in 2013, he explained that the children “Go to school because their parents don’t want it at home.”.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip speak to Malala Yousafzai in the presence of her father on October 18, 2013 at Buckingham Palace during a reception.  & Nbsp;  & nbsp;  (YUI MOK / AFP)

Comments that are hostile to people with disabilities

“You haven’t been here long ago, you’re not a villain!”Elizabeth II’s husband, a Briton, was released during a visit to Budapest in 1993.

A school orchestra for small students with disabilities in music welcomed him in Wales in 1999. The hearing impaired called: “Deaf? Don’t surprise me that you are deaf if you listen to this a lot!”.

“You will never be able to fly there, you are so fat”He told a 13-year-old boy who dreamed of becoming an astronaut in 2001.

“How many people did this morning cut off with this thing?”Asks a person in a wheelchair in London, 2012.

Sexual meditations

“Thank you, ma’am … You are a woman, right?”Prince Philip releases a young woman to give him flowers, during a visit to Kenya in 1984.

“I will be arrested if I open the zipper on this dress.”, Enjoys the company of a police officer, and notices a young blonde woman molded in a red dress pressed at the front, in 2012.

• The Queen’s husband He angered half of the UK’s population in 1966 with a public assault on it ‘British women can’t cook’.

“Was it a strip club?”He asked a British military student in 2009, after she told him that she worked in a nightclub.

Racist remarks

“Do not stay long, or your eyes will be tilted.”, Prince Philip recommended to British students trained in China in 1986.

• “Were you not able to eat?”He asks, in 1998, about a student returning from a trip in Papua New Guinea.

Regarding an old electric meter and a malfunction during a visit to a Scottish factory in 1999, he says: “It may have been installed by an Indian.”.

“Are you still fighting with spears?” Slips into an Aboriginal during a visit to Australia in 2002.

“Looks like you’re ready for bed!”In 2003 Elizabeth II’s husband released the President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo, dressed in traditional costume.

• To a troupe of black dancers launched in 2009: Are you all from the same family?.

“The Philippines should be half empty, you all run the NHS here”In 2013, the British Public Health Service criticized Filipino nurses working in a hospital in the United Kingdom.

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