Harness Racing New Zealand (HRNZ) is set make a move in to the digital age and eliminate the time and hassle of sending harness racing paperwork all over the country and overseas.

Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) announced it had already made the same move when it unveiled new online tools for the transfer of horse ownership last week.

HRNZ chief executive Peter Jensen said it was only a matter of time before New Zealand followed Victoria’s lead.

“I think it is inevitable that we have to embrace technology in that way to make it easier for all of the participants.

“There is not much you can’t do online – you can get a passport online – so there is no reason you can’t do some of our processes there.

“Certainly, that will be a focus for us and the organisation over the next year or two.”

When the same kind of ownership transfer technology is available in New Zealand it could come as part of a new HRNZ website.

The organisation has already been working on a new and improved page.

“There is some work happening in the background to update the website.

“It has been around for a while and I think most people would say it has done a good job.

“But like most things, it just needs a refresh and that is underway at the moment.”

Jensen said the question of when the service could hit New Zealand shores was unknown.

“There are always competing priorities when you have limited resources, that is the challenge, but we will definitely be getting to it.”

HRV’s facility was developed with an independent technology provider – Racing Information Services Enterprise (RISE).

The collaboration has received rave reviews from industry participants who no longer face the hassle of having papers reach multiple signees all across Australia.

In a release, HRV’s general manager of racing, Stephen Bell, said HRV listened to industry feedback suggesting that practice was difficult.

“The old process was admittedly arduous. That’s certainly the feedback we received from the industry,” he said.

“We listened and we’re confident the new system will be much more user-friendly.”