Hidden places to discover in times of COVID

Human beings are restless and expect to see new places and have new experiences. But how do you choose a destination in time of a pandemic? 

This is a text to dream. It may be difficult to think about going to certain places because of the distance. However, the sole objective here is to remind you that it is possible to change plans, destinations and the way of travelling. In the last few months many plans have come to a standstill. After an uncertain year, routes are already starting to be mapped out for after the world has returned to some kind of normality.

After all, there is a pause that allows the routine to be reinvented. In the meantime, the truth is that there is no reason not to get to know some special places with one of the private Auckland escorts advertising in Skokka. This helps to lighten the longing to catch the first plane and go out into the world.

Which destinations to visit? How to find the perfect place to visit in times of COVID?

First of all, it should be noted that some details concerning hygiene and health care are still under consideration. Travelling by plane or train with one of the sexy Wellington escorts and companions requires some care, even if it is possible to do so. The destination will be the key point to take advantage of a quieter trip away from the crowds and excess of tourists, who only increase the risk of further spreading the virus.

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Thus the recommendation is visiting more hidden places and have the opportunity to enjoy their qualities due to the type of tourism they present. It is a fact that searches tend to focus on places with more nature and less contact with strangers. For this reason, rural houses and parks are on the rise. In addition, small villages gain more visibility and can grow in the tourism sector.

Enchanting places around the world

Now it is somewhat difficult to find a route or destination because of the whole Covid-19 situation. Insecurities, questions of accommodation and whether cities have something more to offer in times of social distancing. However, every place has something to teach and to offer. In this case it matters little to nothing if there is no Eiffel Tower in Paris or Big Ben in London. The important thing is to bring out the beauty which, here, is about hidden places that are worth getting to know.

Circus Lane, Edinburgh: Falling in love with a street is possible. That’s what Circus Lane teaches.

It is more common to associate Edinburgh with its castle and medieval buildings. However, neighbourhoods like Stockbridge and its streets are calm in the midst of history. Walking the streets of the bohemian neighbourhoods with independent Edinburgh escorts can be a great way to get away from the crowds while having all the advantages of a big city nearby.

Lofoten Islands, Norway: This is the province of Nordland in Norway. 

A cold place, with a well-known name, but with few people claiming to have been there. These islands are known for their natural beauty – a perfect choice in times of a pandemic! 

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Why visit? Besides the beautiful mountains and peaks, it offers its beautiful beaches and islets washed by the open waters of the ocean. It also has the largest deep-water coral reef 40 km long (Røst Reef). Something to do with the Vikings? Yes, there are archaeological remains found there from the beginning of this era.

Bovec, Slovenia: A small country of extraordinary natural beauties. 

This is where nature seems to explode, the greenery of nature and mountains is so impressive that it is impossible not to think about it. A small village in the middle of an adventurous and adrenaline-filled scenery that leaves anyone stunned. 

Through this small village passes the river Soca which can be considered the engine that developed the most sought after sporting activities. There is no doubt that this is a destination with many tourists looking for nature while at the same time there is no crowding or lack of space for all of them.

Casas Colgadas, Cuenca: Cuenca, which was chosen as a World Heritage Site in 1966, already has its charms.

And to visit this city is to come across what many consider to be a fundamental building in the history of Spain, namely the Casas Colgadas de Cuenca (Hanging Houses of Cuenca).

Built six centuries ago, these houses have a unique architecture thanks to their balconies overhanging the rocky outcrop. Visually it creates the sensation of floating, flying or hanging in the air. This is an architectural spectacle very similar to other buildings in the city. Yet, there are none that resemble this marvel. These are just a few sites that can be a reference when looking for other options. As said, among all the characteristics of visiting places, the company and the purpose are what is important.

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