Because of bloodthirsty killers: German trailer for 'The Shark's Friend' - a must for 'Jaws' fans - Kino News

Because of bloodthirsty killers: German trailer for ‘The Shark’s Friend’ – a must for ‘Jaws’ fans – Kino News

“The Shark’s Friend” is a new documentary coming soon exclusively on Disney+. At the heart of the fascinating story is diving legend Valerie Taylor and her favorite marine animal: sharks. Here comes the trailer

“The Shark’s Friend” is called Valerie Taylor (née Heighes) and she was born in Sydney in 1935. After a difficult young period in New Zealand, where her father ran a battery factory and fell ill with polio, she returned to Australia at the age of 20. There she began diving – at first just to help support her family. Valerie was so adept at it that she won several national championships in hunting with the harpoon.

While hunting underwater creatures, she met her future husband, Ron Taylor († 2012). The two got along very well on land and decided not to kill the marine animals they have always been fond of, but to photograph, photograph and write about them and help conserve their biodiversity. In total, the duo have acted critically on over 20 documentaries over the years.

She even helped Steven Spielberg

Even without studying biology or oceanography, Valerie has become one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to underwater animals. Her specialty and at the same time her great passion was and still is sharks. As a consultant and photographer for underwater sequences, she has been repeatedly hired for major feature films. Among the most famous of these are “Orca, the Killer Whale”, “The Blue Lagoon”, “Gallipoli” by Peter Weir, and of course, “Jaws” by Steven Spielberg.

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The masterpiece probably wouldn’t have been possible without Taylor, which is why the movie is a must-have for every fan of the legendary classic.


I On August 23 worldwide on the Disney+ streaming service Director Sally Aitken (“David Stratton – A Cinematic Life”) now tells the exciting life story of an Australian who was one of the first 20 people to be inducted into the newly established “International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame” in 2000 as well.

There – the trailer points this out in a beautiful way – it’s clear that it’s not just a lot of wonderful, sometimes emotional anecdotes to be heard. There are also many great shots of the frightening legend, and according to Taylor, it is often only misunderstood by underwater predators with their sharp teeth and triangular dorsal fins.

Anyone who wants to dig deeper into the life of this impressive woman after Die Freund der Haie can read her autobiography, which was published in 2020, and it is a must read.

»A Life of Adventure by Valerie Taylor on Amazon*

The volume is also available in this country as a paperback and e-book in English.

As mentioned earlier, “The Shark’s Friend” can be watched on Disney+ starting August 23 as part of your subscription. First of all, here is the English version of the trailer for all the original audio fans:

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